About Us


We chanced upon Aldeburgh in the summer of 2014, staying at a local campsite (Cake & Ales); we'd come to  take part in a charity bike ride around Suffolk on the Sunday and decided to have a little meander around the area the day before.  Arriving in Aldeburgh at lunchtime, we grabbed some fish and chips (as you do!) and sat outside the White Hart with a beer in glorious sunshine thinking 'this is the life'.....or could be..?


Later that year, we rented a cottage for Christmas, this time without bikes but with our German Shepherd Deefah ... and then virtually every Christmas since, as well as Easters and other times in between...we were hooked!

We loved how dog friendly the whole area seemed and the sheer number of hounds we saw every time.... thinking wouldn't it be nice if there were something just for them in the Town ...


.....on our visit to Aldeburgh last Easter, over a drink in the pub with some friends, we started to think....maybe we could open a little Dog Shop in Town that would provide that 'something'....... never dreaming it would ever actually happen ... 

.... One Year later and we're now living in the area and preparing for our Easter Opening .... :-)

Gary &  Jacqui  (& Deefah Dog)