Christmas Stock Now Available - Advent Calendars, Treats , Toys, Hampers, Gifts etc


As well as Leads/Collars, Coats and Stylish Accessories and Healthy and Nutritious Foods and Treats, we also have a Range of Quality Canine Essentials (as listed below) as well as a Range of Larger Items that we can't quite fit in our little Boutique!


As well as Stylish Outfits and Delicious Treats we have a Range of everyday Essentials including:

  • Flea Treatments/ Shampoos
  • Tic Removers
  • Wormers
  • Toothpaste
  • Ear Cleaner
  • Supplements for Joints, Digestion, Anxiety
  • First Aid Sprays, Spray on Plasters
  • Bandages
  • Grooming Brushes/Scissors etc
  • Car Seatbelt Restraints
  • Puppy Training Pads

Have a look below at a couple of pictures of our Shelves!

Bigger Things!

There's some things we can't quite fit in our little Boutique, a few of them below we have offsite and others we can get ... please ask!

Danish Designs Beds


Award Winning Danish Designs Eco Wellness Beds - made from Recycled Memory Foam in 2 sizes: 71x98cm & 87x138cm

Boot Beds/Travel Beds


Designed to both keep the Car Boot Clean and to provide a comfortable ride for your 4 legged friend!

Also Doubles as a Travel Bed when you're away (no need to take another one!)



Going away for the week or weekend ... organise all of your best friends essentials in these stylish backpacks 



We have Treatments for Fleas, Tics and Mites as well as sprays and Shampoos ... and Toothpastes/Dental gels and Plasters and Bandages on this shelf



We have Supplements for Joints, Digestion, Anxiety as well as Ear Cleaners and Tear Stain removers on this shelf

Worming Treatments/Grooming


We have Worming Treatments and various Grooming aids (brushes, combs, scissors) on this shelf